Introducing... The Braid Besties

Introducing... The Braid Besties

Facebook to Meta and Twitter to X.

We are all familiar with rebrands, both good and seemingly bad.

Sometimes change is unavoidable, sometimes it is necessary, and sometimes it is simply natural. 


As a small business owner, deciding to change the name and aesthetic of my business is a decision that I did not make lightly. 


 Jaber Hair Brand Logo

For at least half a year I struggled with the feeling that the Jaber Hair brand wasn't actually serving my long-term vision for my business. I held onto it though, partly because of fear of change, and partly because of the personal sentimental value of the brand to me. The name came from my native Luo tongue. 

But after sitting on it for a while, I realized that I needed to create a brand that was more relatable to my diverse customer base.


I also really wasn't having as much fun with the Jaber Hair brand. I love to create and I just felt that I kept hitting a ceiling with its creative direction. I wanted to create and pour myself into something fun and enjoyable. And that is The Braid & Extension Besties. 


 The Braid & Extension Besties Logo

Of course, the change has brought with it a flood of emotions that I am slowly dealing with and giving myself the grace to experience. Even though I am now closer to my vision in terms of the creative direction of my business, I actually wonder (or at least the anxious part of my brain does) whether perhaps my old customers will hate the change or find my business now unrelatable. 

Whether the traffic I have built up over the last couple of years will now dwindle away. Whether the personal vision I have is what actually appeals to the masses. All anxieties that I'm sure anyone who has run a business can relate to. 



Most of us are familiar with the feelings of uncertainty and fear that accompanies even the most exciting and best of changes.

The question of "Is this change really worth it?"


But I trust my gut. And my gut said, "Let's do this!". So, I jumped in. And I believe it's a move that will definitely be worth it, and I look forward to the journey ahead. 




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Love it!!! Looking forward to making my first purchase from the braid besties :) :)


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