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Enjoying the Last of Our Summer Evenings

We've been living in Berwick for a couple of months now. 

The first month was chaos! The move was huge and it took a long time to set up and also clean the old house. But we're finally settled in now, and summer is drawing to an end. 

The days are still mostly warm and the evenings are heavenly, so we thought to make the most of it with a walk and photoshoot at the Wilson Botanic Park, Berwick. 

I installed the Lulutress Bohemian Braid last week and have been looking for a chance to take some good shots, so off we went. 

If you've never been to the gardens before, I highly recommend going on a weekday because on the weekends it can be jam-packed with people. The place is quite popular and weddings and other events are held here. On a super busy weekend, there's no parking to be found. 

But the atmosphere on weekdays is serene. 

Lake view through trees


The lake and amphitheatre are really lovely and make for a good picnic spot,   and if you fancy a barbeque there's facilities here as well. 




I highly recommend checking out the lookout tower. We hadn't been up to it before, and I couldn't believe what we've been missing. The view is stunning!



I'm going to miss summer, I always do, but I look forward to being able to visit the gardens again this autumn and hopefully do a barbeque dinner when it isn't raining. 


A walking train runs down through trees 


I look forward to exploring more parks and gardens in the area and more photo ops.

XD Gaudi 









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