Crochet Hair Detangling and Maintenance

Crochet Hair Detangling and Maintenance

When you buy good quality crochet hair, you can easily wear it for 4-6 weeks, or more depending on your comfort. It's versatile. You can exercise and do sports with it and you can even swim with it. 

As with any kind of artificial hair, there is a bit of maintenance involved in keeping your extensions looking great! 

When it comes to crochet curls what you have to look out for is tangling. Artificial crochet curls will start to tangle after a few days, especially if you don't maintain them. 


Here are a few golden rules I follow: 

1. Always sleep with a hair bonnet or silk scarf. 

Bonnets are scarves are not only good for natural hair, they also work great for crochet hair to minimize tangling. 


2. Finger detangle (don't brush), and cut off knots. 

I do this every 3 days or so to keep my hair looking fresh. 


3. You can wash and condition your crochet hair but don't do it too often. 

Some people wash their crochet hair pre-installation, especially if they have sensitive skin and are prone to itching. I tend to install mine as is and do a wash after I've worn it for a couple of weeks. It's not necessary though. I do find that the hair may lose some shine and feel rougher post-wash. 


Here is a detailed video showing my detangling and maintenance process, including the products I currently use. 





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